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A chaplain ministry gives you an opportunity to be a good steward of the resources God has given you, the most important resources in your company- your employees… your people… your team.

You are appointed as a shepherd over your flock of employees.  But, with the power to hire and fire, it is difficult for you to pastor or shepherd your employees.  That is where a chaplain ministry can come in and make all the difference.

  our mission.


Go To Them, LLC exists to expand the Kingdom of God by bringing love, care, hope and encouragement to every person in the workplace, so that each person fulfills his or her purpose at work, home and in the community.


You have the influence.

As a business leader, God has put you in a place of influence for a reason.  How awesome would it be to use that influence to exhibit Christ’s love to those employees He has entrusted you with? 



People spend the majority of their working lives here, and I believe that if we recognize their needs and try to create a climate that makes them better people, the byproduct will be better, happier, and more productive associates.

   -Patrick Flood, Homebanc CEO




Corporate chaplaincy is like an employee assistance program on steroids!  Starting our chaplaincy program was the best thing I have ever done in business.  Do it.  You will be rewarded.

   -Tim Embry, CEO of American  



I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.

   -Billy Graham

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