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"Deploying a corporate chaplain to serve our staff has proven to be an invaluable resource with an impact exceeding every expectation.  Every business requires people to drive operations and ultimately the bottom line, no matter the industry.  Research yourself and you'll quickly find that nearly every great enterprise throughout history has a common denominator; leadership in place that understands success is driven not only in the workplace, but starts within the homes and families of which it is built upon."   

  -Parker Powers, CEO of Millionaire Network

“At my job, I have the opportunity to interact with a Chaplain. Whether it’s a good or bad day, I can count on the Chaplain for his prayers, scripture readings, guidance or blessings.  My Dad and my late Mom also had the opportunity to meet the Chaplain and they too agreed that it is such a blessing for me to have him as a part of my office team.”


"Having a company chaplain has blessed me beyond belief. Learning to incorporate God with your work structure go hand in hand and I believe that in order to have a successful relationship with your co workers it starts with learning how to serve the Lord in a working environment."


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